CBD usage is increasing every year, as more and more countries legalize both THC products and CBD products for commercial or medical use. However, not every country follows the same laws as each other. Carefully understanding each nation’s rules and regulations when it comes to products derived from the cannabis plant can help ensure you safely enjoy your CBD products anywhere, without fear of breaking laws. While Sweden is generally regarded as an open-minded nation, its restrictions on CBD products can be slightly strict.

Read on to discover everything you need to know to answer the question; is CBD legal in Sweden, and how do the laws for CBD usage differ from those regarding THC usage? and more!


THC vs CBD Products in Sweden:

When it comes to Sweden’s regulations about cannabis-derived products, there is a huge difference between products containing THC and products with no THC detected. To better understand the difference, let’s first start off by examining THC and CBD in more detail.

While both THC and CBD are extracted from the same species of plant, only THC causes the narcotic effects associated with cannabis. Due to the intoxicating reactions that THC can cause, it is classified as a narcotic in Sweden. The sale, growth, and usage of marijuana are not legal in Sweden. 

On the other hand, CBD is legal in Sweden—but only in certain circumstances. Let’s take a look at the situations and circumstances in CBD that can be used in further detail. 

Marijuana vs Industrial Hemp:

Both are members of the cannabis family; however, the two strains are given completely different treatment when it comes to Sweden’s laws. Marijuana plants—and the products derived from them containing THC—are not allowed under any circumstance. That includes medical marijuana.

On the other hand, industrial hemp has almost no THC but is high in CBD. It has been used throughout Sweden for centuries for a variety of uses and industries. Compared to marijuana, industrial hemp has almost no THC; however, that doesn’t mean that the THC content is zero. 

Is CBD legal in Sweden?:

The short answer: CBD extracted from industrial hemp is generally legal in Sweden as long as there are no traces of THC found. CBD oil extracted from marijuana is not, due to the high amounts of THC. However, a ruling from the Swedish Supreme Court in 2019 stated that any products—CBD oil or otherwise—found to be containing any trace amount of THC could be treated as a narcotic.

Which is both good and news for both CBD product consumers and CBD product suppliers.

While the legislation gives clarity to CBD’s legality in Sweden, it also increases the standards that CBD oil is held to compared to other countries. Comparatively, countries across Europe generally allow CBD products with a tested amount of 0.2% of THC or less to be sold. Sweden tightens that restriction to 0%. 

There’s currently still confusion lingering regarding the legality of CBD products purchased in other EU nations, then brought back to Sweden. The precedent set by the freedom of the movement of goods—a basic tenet of the EU—would suggest that those CBD products would be allowed. Regardless, going forward, many people are optimistic that Sweden will eventually loosen their laws to match EU standards.

Another thing to note is that CBD products intended for ingestion are to be considered a drug according to the Another thing to note is that a CBD product intended for ingestion or inhalation is to be considered a drug according to the Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket). However, a CBD product intended for external use is completely fine if there are no associated unsupported claims of medical effects on the body.

Best Places to Buy CBD in Sweden:

Since CBD is technically legal in Sweden, there are a handful of health stores that sell the product. However, the best place to find third-party tested CBD products with accurate THC trace amount listings is online. Online CBD marketplaces have both a wide range of selections—and, if you shop at an online marketplace like Qanoid’s online shop—fully verified product information to help you avoid any legal issues. 


It’s possible to enjoy a range of CBD products in Sweden, as long as there is absolutely no THC in the product. That’s why it is essential to purchasing your CBD products from trustworthy brands that are upfront about every step of their CBD oil process. As long as you can verify that any CBD products purchased do not contain THC, it is more than okay to purchase and use CBD oil while in Sweden. 


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