Hemp oil, CBD oil, cannabis, THC—with all of this terminology being thrown around, it can be challenging to uncover what everything actually is. Luckily, hemp-seed oil is something that is both simple to understand and simple to infuse into your everyday lifestyle. There’s a lot to discover about the powerful little seed and the oil made from it, which will all be covered here. If you’re looking to learn everything you need to know about hemp oil and its functions, keep reading!


What Is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil (or hemp-seed oil) comes from pressed hemp seeds. Hemp seeds can range from dark to light green in color. The darker the color, the more intense the flavor. Hemp oil is absolutely different from cannabis, lacking any of the narcotic effects. It also is uniquely different from CBD oil. Compared to the other cannabis oils, hemp oil has more holistic uses and can offer nutritional benefits if consumed. 

The method to produce hemp oil depends on the oil’s intended use. However, regardless of the extraction method, the seeds must be carefully cleaned before extraction. Any lingering debris can significantly alter the composition of the hemp-seed oil. Some methods of extraction include solvent extraction, percolation, and thermal decomposition, among others. 

Nutrients in Hemp Oil:

Compared to THC or CBD, hemp oil contains a variety of minerals and nutrients that can help aid the body. Some of the most beneficial nutrients found in hemp-seed oil include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Magnesium

There are countless other types of nutrients readily available in hemp-seed oil, which can contribute to improving health. For example, the high concentration of iron found in hemp-seed oil can prevent iron deficiency or anemia. 

Because of the nutritional properties, hemp oil can be used when creating recipes that use oil as an ingredient. Be careful not to use it for frying, as hemp-seed oil’s low smoke point means the oil burns quickly. Instead, it’s best used as a dietary boost for foods made using other cooking methods. 

Effects of Hemp Oil:

Unlike THC and CBD, which have both undergone extensive studies researching the effect on the human body, much is still unknown about hemp oil. As most of the public attention has been focused on cannabinoid research, studies on the benefits of hemp seed and hemp seed oil have not been fully uncovered as of yet.

However, based on preliminary research, hemp oil was discovered to lower cholesterol, improve memory and gut microbiomes, and increase the expression of any-aging genes. Further study is needed to verify the accuracy of these health claims, especially in human trials. 

Is Hemp Oil Legal?:

It is, at least according to the FDA, which has approved hulled hemp seed, hemp-seed protein power, and hemp-seed as safe for use. These ingredients have been marked as acceptable for consumption, and therefore, can be marketed in everyday foods that comply with other FDA requirements.

As for Europe, most EU members allow the cultivation of industrial hemp with 0.2% or less trace THC amounts. Be sure to check each nation’s regulations carefully, however. Some countries have stricter laws regarding hemp and CBD usage than others. For the most part, though, hemp-seed oil is perfectly legal to use in everyday life. 

So, if you’re looking to start infusing hemp oil into your daily recipes, rest assured that usage is completely approved. Try backing your next cake using hemp seed oil as a replacement for vegetable oil or tossing it into a salad for a new kick to classic flavors. 


With cannabis and hemp-based products becoming more and more widely used all around the world, hemp-seed oil will likely become a more common cooking aid, especially for people looking for a nutrient boost. Start by adding a little hemp oil into your daily routine—then branch out to other hemp-based products, such as CBD oil—to expand how hemp can benefit your life. 


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