About us

The idea for Qanoid was created in Sweden but was launched in the Netherlands. Today we are selling premium quality CBD products to the European market, so why not tag along for the journey ahead!

CBD has never been more relevant than today, the demand for serious CBD entrepreneurs with focus on longevity and quality has never been higher, and that’s why Qanoid exists!

Qanoid strives to highlight the potential uses of Cannabinoids, produce products of premium quality and offer customer support out of the ordinary! A lot of interesting and exciting things are happening right now in the CBD industry. All over the world CBD is used in new different ways and knowledge regarding cannabinoids is developing at an unprecedented rate.

One of Qanoid’s cornerstones is innovation, we are passionate about testing, refining and developing new products!

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It is with great pride we present our CBD-products to the european consumers and retailers, a lot of research and hard work has been put down to be able to make it happen. Due to our heavily scrutinized manufacturing process we can with confidence guarantee that the product you are holding in your hand is of the highest quality.

Felix Nordholm

CEO, Qanoid

Qanoid’s products are made of carefully selected ingredients of only the highest quality.

Welcome to Qanoid

For many people CBD is something new. They may have heard about it through a family member or perhaps a colleague but never put much thought into it. For others, it might be something they have used for a long time, as part of the daily routine in their everyday lives. 

Regardless of your experience, Qanoid has something for you. Our products are available in different strengths to meet your specific needs and experience. We place great value in you as our customer and it’s important for us that you have a good experience from the second you enter the website until you have the product in your hand. 

Every single one of Qanoid’s products undergo 3rd party lab tests to ensure that the product you have ordered is of the highest quality. We have carefully chosen the best delivery options so that we can offer a solution that suits your needs.

Welcome to Qanoid.

Quality and Innovation

Developing, renewing and improving is something we constantly do. Whether it concerns our products, our website or any other element of Qanoid, we always strive to get better in every way. Together with you, it is possible for us to not only create the best CBD shop with premium products, but also to build a community surrounding CBD.

Something that brightens our days is when you take time out of your day to reach out to us.  We love it when you tell us about your experiences with CBD, when you want to know more about us or our products or simply when you just want to say hello. 

We take something with us from every single one of our discussions with our customers. Many of the most fantastic ideas that help us develop and refine the Qanoid brand comes from the experiences that you share with us.

With your input along with our expertise, we have the right tools to continue to take Qanoid forward.

Do you want to know more about us?

If you have more questions about us we are always happy to hear from you! Please do not hesitiate to contact us through our contact page! You can find it in the menu up top but you can also click this link here! 

Do you want to share something with us?

We are always happy to get feedback on our high quality CBD products! If you like our products feel free to give us a shout out on our instagram or other social medias, it would help us alot! For any questions please contact us via our contactpage (click here!)


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