The start of a new year—especially a new year filled with so many exciting hemp trends in the CBD industry—is closer than you think. After all, many people all across the world are ready to leave the uncertainty of 2021 behind in search of a brighter future. Luckily, 2022 is projected to bring some fresh CBD ideas, expand the CBD market, and connect the CBD industry to countless other industries across various different counties. Keep a lookout for these projected top CBD trends for 2022!


Cutting-Edge CBD Cuisine

While don’t expect to see any CBD-inspired recipes receiving Michelin awards (at least, not quite yet), CBD-infused food and drink options are expected to expand to new heights in 2022. Interested in trying hemp chocolate and seeing how it compares to your favorite candy brand? The food and drink CBD market aren’t just limited to packaged products. More and more cafes and restaurants throughout various different cities are expanding menus to offer CBD-infused options. Even still, some stores are opening up to sell CBD-based products exclusively. 

Hemp Trends and Health

After a stressful year in 2021, CBD-oil-infused mindfulness product sales are expected to sky-rocket in the new year. Premium CBD oil massage lotions, bath bombs, and other cosmetic or stress-relief products are rapidly increasing in popularity. Many of these CBD oil products are coupled with other forms of mindful behavior, such as meditating or journaling. The medical and health CBD market is an emerging market with lots of potential for large growth. If you’ve ever wanted to take a CBD bubbly bath, 2022 seems like your year!

Legalize It!

The trend is clear—the legalization of CBD and other cannabis-related products is increasing and is expected to reach new heights in 2022. This is exciting news for countless different industries, ranging from CBD oil shops to fabric manufacturers. In hand with the legalization, the number of people growing hemp as a crop is also rising to meet the market demand for CBD, as well as other hemp products. Some other detailed benefits of growing hemp as a crop can be found here. With all of the advantages that hemp has to offer both manufacturers and consumers, it’s only natural that more countries will loosen restrictions in order to make the most of everything the crop has to offer. 

More Shopping Options

With a larger hemp and CBD industry, plus a greater number of locations loosening restrictions on cannabis-related products, it’s only natural that the number of CBD oil suppliers will increase in 2022 as well. Aside from in-person stores, online marketplaces are also anticipated to rise in numbers. That’s great news for CBD consumers looking for a diverse range of products and locations. Some online marketplaces offer additional benefits, such as free delivery, to make the process of finding the perfect CBD product even easier. 


With 2022 right around the corner, be sure to carefully watch all of these exciting CBD trends—they’re all expected to rapidly increase in the new year. After all, the CBD industry is projected to reach around 1.8 billion dollars by 2022. That’s a lot of revenue for growth and new opportunities. And it’s not stopping there! The CBD industry is expected to continue expanding for years to come. 


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