How to grow Hemp:

Get all of the basics on how to grow hemp —and who knows! If the conditions are right, you could be well on your way to planting the seeds to your own hemp farm. Start reading then get planting!

Hemp is a multi-purpose crop that can be used in a variety of different industries. It can be turned into food products, cosmetics, cloth, and is one of the oldest plants to be cultivated. A species of the cannabis plant, hemp lacks enough THC to be used for recreational purposes. Highly useful, hemp is a hardy plant that is being introduced to more farms, especially as laws on marijuana legalization loosen. 

Ideal Conditions for Growing Hemp:

Aside from extreme climates, such as high altitudes or deserts, hemp grows well almost anywhere. Generally, it grows best in warmer weather with well-drained soil. Plant the seeds after winter has passed and no more frosts will occur to stunt the seed’s growth. 

Why Grow Hemp?

Hemp is a robust plant that is highly sustainable. It grows fast and requires less pesticides, water, and fertilizer than other similar crops. Therefore, hemp is an eco-friendly alternative, reducing waste and environmental harm. Not only can hemp be used in livestock feed, paper, and textiles, but it can also create CBD oil. The CBD oil industry is increasingly lucrative. Once CBD oil is extracted, it can be transformed into a variety of CBD products, such as CBD skincare, CBD for recovery, and countless more. There are countless ways to buy CBD oil online, including Qanoid’s premium online marketplace

Challenges When Growing Hemp:

Despite the robust nature of the plant, there are still some challenges that come with growing hemp. Firstly, hemp requires a lot of land. At least 50 acres or more to be profitable. Without that amount of acreage, hemp can’t be used effectively for commercial purposes. Growing hemp also requires more licenses than other crops, due to the trace amounts of THC in the plant. In addition, farmers must plant only seeds that are low in THC content. 

But don’t get too discouraged, everyone can learn how to grow hemp!

There’s plenty of benefits that hemp offers too. It’s extremely well-suited for organics cultivation due to it’s hardy nature and lack of need for pesticide usage. It’s also involved with the fast-growing CBD industry, which could yield a high amount of profits for hemp growers. The demand for CBD oils and other CBD products continues to increase and shows no signs of stopping. Especially as rules and regulations about CBD usage continue to loosen throughout various countries, all across the world. 

A Recap on Hemp:

Hemp, a durable plant that grows well in a huge variety of environments, is an ideal crop for farmers looking for sustainable and profitable plants. It uses:

  • less water to grow
  • almost no pesticides for protection
  • little to no manual weeding maintenance

and provides a range of benefits in return. As long as the conditions are right, hemp is a highly valuable crop with a wide range of purposes throughout different industries.  If you are considering growing hemp, remember to carefully check all local laws surrounding hemp growth in your area. Regulations vary by area. However, the rewards are more than worth the effort. 

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