The CBD oil market is expanding at an astounding rate. After all, the market was estimated to be worth $2.8 billion in 2020 with projections only continuing to grow going forward. With that much revenue being generated and that many CBD products being created, CBD oil options for buyers are everywhere. But who makes the best CBD oil Europe can offer to consumers? ?

As a consumer, it can be challenging to sift through product after product, company after company, in order to select a premium CBD oil provider that suits your expectations. It’s essential to find a reputable CBD provider that offers affordable, high-quality CBD products to ensure satisfaction with your purchase.

Luckily, Qanoid makes it simple to easily purchase the best CBD oil Europe has to offer, as well as other CBD products.

So, what exactly makes Qanoid’s products the best CBD oil Europe can offer to consumers? 

There’s a lot of reasons, actually. Let’s take a closer look at the sophisticated CBD extraction and production methods that Qanoid uses when refining its products, plus all of the superior benefits provided.


Elevated Products Come From Extract Based Oils

The method of refining CBD from the hemp plant makes an important difference in the level of quality of the CBD products. Currently, there are two major forms of CBD refinement: supercritical CO2 extraction and isolating. Other less common methods of refinement, such as olive-oil extraction, dry-ice extraction, and cold ethanol alcohol extraction, are also options used by other providers. However, the safest form of CBD oil extraction is the Supercritical CO2 extraction method.

Extract-based CBD oils are generally safer and cleaner than oil produced from other extraction methods. Even more, the type of extraction method can significantly impact the quality, taste, and strength of the final CBD product. Qanoid’s extract-based CBD oil ensures that every CBD oil product is high-quality and perfectly suited for every customer’s use.

Rigorous Testing and Valued Certifications

In order to ensure that every batch of CBD oil is safe, clean, and of the highest quality, all of our extracted oil and CBD products are rigorously tested. As a consumer, it is highly important to ensure that every product you purchase has been tested and verified as safe to use. With such rapid growth in the CBD market, it’s always best to find CBD oil companies with evidence and testing to support their products. 

Qanoid provides the best CBD oil Europe has to offer and ensures that every step of the CBD production process is verified to create high-quality products. Trust experienced professional CBD craftsmen that have undergone extensive training and offer proven results of quality and legality to customers. 

Need a simple breakdown on how to easily read a CBD product label and determine for yourself all of the key information? Check out this simple guide to get an even more in-depth understanding of product information, certifications, and more!

Wholly Hemp Based

From the beginning of refining to the moment of the shipment, all Qanoid CBD oil products are treated purely in hemp-based materials. Our premium CBD oil products are diluted in hemp seed oil in order to offer customers a product that is pure and concentrated. Rather than diluting our products with other components, we take active strides to create only the best hemp-based CBD oils. The extracted CBD oil, further powered by the benefits of hemp seed oil, combine to create an overall CBD product of excellent quality and unparalleled design. See for yourself why Qanoid makes the best CBD oil Europe has seen, here. 


Enjoy only the purest, highly verified CBD products that exceed standards without compromise. With Qanoid, it’s easy to find the best CBD oil in Europe—and beyond. That’s because all of our products, whether CBD oil or CBD cosmetic products, are treated with ultimate precision from start to finish. Make your next CBD order with us and to enjoy free delivery and see the difference that CBD quality can make for yourself. 


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