The dire need for CBD products to undergo third party testing may not be something you’re aware of—but it is a crucially necessary factor in determining where to purchase superior CBD products from. Not only can third-party testing on CBD products be a positive sign of a confident CBD supplier, it can also reveal important information about the product itself. Keep reading to discover more reasons why third-party tested CBD products should be the only CBD products you are purchasing!

The Real Reason Why Third-Party CBD Testing is a Must:

As the CBD industry continues to grow—and as the number of CBD manufacturers and suppliers grows as well—ensuring a consistent level of high quality for consumers is critical. Rather than placing trust in the suppliers, who undoubtedly all will claim their products are inherently superior, third-party testing provides accurate and honest information to customers. 

Therefore, not only does third-party testing ensure that every store’s CBD products are high-quality, it also signals to people searching for premium CBD oil that the business is genuine and holds high confidence in their products. Nothing showcases trust in a product more than the decision to let someone else professionally verify the product. Due to the rapid growth of the industry, there is a range in quality of stores supplying CBD products. Naturally, you’ll only want the best CBD oil Europe has to offer—not any of those low-quality products made by a hobbyist trying their hand at running a CBD store for the first time. 

Regulatory Standards Are Still Being Established:

Because the CBD industry is such a hot, new market, different governments and legal insinuations are still playing catch up. Rules for consumption, packaging, selling, and every step of the process in between are being constantly updated to reflect the current opinions on CBD, as well as to make room for the growing interest in CBD products and increased CBD oil usage. Because of that, strict regulations and procedures are still being established. Which is exactly why third-party CBD testing is important for both CBD consumers and CBD suppliers

Tackle Trace THC:

Another benefit that comes from third-party CBD testing is the assurance that comes from testing THC levels. THC is the component of cannabis that can cause narcotic effects on the body. Depending on the location, CBD consumption may be legal while THC consumption is not. While generally hemp plants grown for CBD oil extraction must fall below a threshold level of trace THC amounts, some of the components can still enter the CBD product unintentionally. A third-party testing site can help guarantee that your CBD products contain only CBD, and that only a negligible amount of THC traces are in the final product. 

And Confirm Amounts of CBD:

Without the assistance of third-party testing, there’s nothing stopping dishonest CBD suppliers from making false claims on their CBD product packaging. According to a third-party test on selected CBD samples from various suppliers, up to 66% of the tested product listed inaccurate amounts of CBD. Some offered just 10% less CBD than claimed—while other products included no CBD at all! Why purchase a CBD oil product if there isn’t even any CBD extract in the oil? Luckily, third-party testing sites can verify all claims made by CBD companies to ensure that consumers can purchase only the most accurately listed CBD oil products. 


When searching for a professional store to purchase your next CBD product from, it is an absolute necessity to select a store offering third-party tested CBD products. Purchasing third-party tested CBD products can help eliminate any uncertainty about the CBD oil and ensure that the product you receive is verified to be high-quality. Premium CBD stores such as Qanoid offer the best CBD oil Europe—and beyond—has, that have successfully undergone rigorous third-party testing. Enjoy CBD safely and supremely with Qanoid.


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