CO2 extraction is a popular and highly effective method of isolating specific components of material using CO2. The unique chemical structure of CO2 as a gas gives it unique properties that help it easily extract things, such as phytochemicals, from plants. While this method of extraction can be expensive, it also offers undeniably great results. When it comes to extracting CBD oil from hemp plants, CO2 extraction is the best method for creating a high-quality CBD product.


How Co2 Extraction is Used:

There are a variety of different methods used to separate the individual CBD components out of the cannabis plants. However, not all methods offer similar levels of benefits and purification. In order to remove purely the CBD–without any other trace components or debris–using CO2 extraction is highly preferred by professional CBD manufacturers.

Other forms of CBD extraction include using cold presses or solvents to remove the oils from the plant. CO2 extraction can be a more expensive form of extraction, but the price pays off. Increased effectiveness and higher safety are just some of the appeals of using CO2 as a CBD extraction method. Gases classified as sub-or-super critical, such as CO2, have properties similar to liquids that make the extraction process purer, safer, and cleaner. 

How Co2 Extraction Works:

So, how exactly can CO2, a compound that is naturally found all across the world, including in the air we exhale from our bodies, be used effectively in order to extract CBD from the cannabis plant? The extraction process involves complex machinery that can target batch sizes as small as 10 grams or as large as hundreds of kilograms, all without losing any precision. 

To start, the cannabis plant must be finely ground, then placed into a special extraction vessel. While this occurs, the CO2 gas must undergo high pressure and temperature in order to reach the super-critical phase. Reaching this phase can be time-intensive, as both pressure and temperature can fluctuate easily. However, the patience proves worthwhile, as gases in the super-critical phase retain unique properties that are essential to the extraction process.

As soon as the gas stabilizes in the super-critical phase, it is pumped into the extraction chamber holding the ground plant material. As the CO2 makes contact with the exposed plant matter, the trichomes are broken. Once the trichomes break, some parts of the plant are dissolved, while other parts remain. After this process is completed, a pressure-release valve lets the remaining material flow to a new compartment, where it is then heated and compressed.

Changes in temperature and pressure can affect how molecules bond to the CO2 and are separated from the plant matter. Once the process is completed, the CO2 can be safely reused in another batch while the extracted material can then be transferred to a collection container. 

The CO2 extraction process might sound complicated, but in actuality, it is a fairly straightforward method of extraction that offers countless benefits to manufacturers and consumers. Let’s take a look at some of the undeniable advantages that CO2 extraction can offer, especially for CBD products.

Why Co2 Extraction is Good:

When it comes to crafting superior CBD oil products, starting with using the CO2 extraction method can help ensure a high-quality CBD base. As the CBD market continues to rapidly expand, more and more CBD products are being created–but not all products are held to the same standards.

By selecting CBD products that have undergone CO2 extraction, consumers can be more assured that their CBD product contains more of the good things, and less of the bad. A product created using the CO2 extraction method is made safely and is far purer than CBD products made using other extraction methods. 

Some other ways to feel confident selecting premium CBD products, aside from looking into extraction methods, include third-party testing and certificates. CBD products that have been verified by independent parties are more trustworthy and credible. 


CO2 extraction is an incredibly effective and beneficial method of extracting material from plant-based matter. When it comes to extracting CBD oil from hemp, CO2 extraction is the overall best-recommended way to guarantee a high-quality product. Enjoy a range of premium CBD products available at our online marketplace, all refined using CO2 extraction!


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