Learn More Before You Buy CBD Oil

CBD Oil, also known as Cannabinoid oil, is an oil made from the cannabis plant. Cannabis contains a wide range of compounds with varying effects. The Cannabis plant contains a lot of different kinds of compounds which includes Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). It is important to note that these compounds have very different effects. People refer to the cannabis plant both as hemp and marijuana depending on how much THC they contain.

CBD is an abundant cannabinoid found in both hemp and marijuana which are two distinctly different varieties of the Cannabis Sativa plant species. It has been specified that industrial hemp must not contain more than 0.3% THC.

Cannabis vs Hemp

Farmers who have interest in growing marijuana breed them to contain high levels of THC and other compounds that suit their interest. Farmers rarely modify the strains of hemp where CBD is extracted from as it naturally contains high concentrations of CBD and low levels of THC.

It is worth knowing the difference between products containing CBD and other products containing THC. CBD-oils in general always contain less than 0.3% THC, so you are not going to get ‘high’ from consuming CBD.


Cannabis taken for recreational use usually have a high percentage of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), a compound that makes a person ‘high’. According to a World Health Organization report, there no case reports of abuse relating to pure CBD.

Another distinction which is important to be aware of when you are looking to buy CBD oil is that CBD is not the same as hempseed oil. While CBD oil is made from the flower, buds, stems, and leaves of the cannabis plant, hempseed is made from the hemp seeds and does not contain any CBD. CBD is non-psychoactive in nature and will not make you high.

What to expect when you Buy CBD Oil

If you are hoping to get the best from when you Buy CBD Oil, it is important you look for and buy only quality products.  There are some relevant factors you should consider before choosing a CBD product. You want to put into consideration the potency, purity, value, quality, and the source from which the CBD comes.

Trusted brands ensure high level of quality and transparency. These companies are also careful not to make false claims about their CBD products. They provide thorough description of their products and label them accordingly.

There are many CBD online stores where people can buy CBD oil in bulk and in units. Not all of them are however created equal. Some CBD oils may not be as effective as the other. The absolute minimum criteria used for selecting a trusted CBD online stores to buy CBD oil from are:

  • Passing tests for pesticides, heavy metals, and moulds according to the COA
  • The CBD is made by a company that has proof of third-party testing by an ISO 17025-compliant lab.

There are tons of online stores selling CBD products in the market today. For quality assurance, CBD users are advised to buy CBD products from trusted CBD online stores only. The 2018 farm Bill supports the revival of quality hemp extract that has low amount of THC. For this reason, CBD oil has grown in popularity in the market leading to a concern of where to get high quality CBD oil.

Buy CBD Oil from The Netherlands

Choosing products from the Netherlands when you looking to buy CBD oil has risen in popularity due to many high-quality CBD brands originating from the Netherlands. The Netherlands generally allows products that are high in cannabidiol (CBD) and low in THC oil with the legal limit currently being 0.05% for products containing THC

Different types of CBD Products

Apart from the oil, there are also some other products made from CBD. These include CBD capsules, CBD gummies, CBD toothpastes, CBD nicotine products, CBD soaps and shampoos, basically the list goes on and on and on. They also come in different shapes and sizes. It is mostly delivered in a tincture format.

Is CBD Oil Safe?

You may be asking but just how safe is CBD oil? According to the World Health Organization 2018 report, CBD has a good safety profile and will not cause you any harm. CBD is not meant for kids. For this reason, the sales of CBD to anyone under the age of 18 is highly prohibited. You will not see any CBD online store selling CBD oil or any other CBD product to minors. Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding should seek medical advice from a professional doctor before using CBD. Remember to seek medical advice before buying and using any CBD recovery products.

Organic CBD Oil

Organic CBD has seen a surge in consumer demand in recent years. The reason is understandable. People are reaching for more natural products and organic hemp are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fillers, genetically modified organisms, chemicals, fertilizers, and other genetically modified substances that drains the soil of its natural nutrients. Hemp grown under organic conditions are therefore considered more potent and richer in vitamins and minerals. Laying your hands on organic CBD means you can use cannabidiol without being exposed to unnatural effects.

Skincare CBD Oil

Skincare CBD oil has been greeted well by consumers all over the world for a long time. It has been suggested that the antioxidant rich profile works wonders for the skin. Today it is possible to buy skincare CBD online at many different websites. But always ensure you are buying from one a trusted, established brand.


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