CBD and the CBD industry have been overtaking the news lately, leaving consumers with a lot of questions. Namely, what is CBD and how is it produced? More and more, as legalization of different cannabis-related products have occurred throughout a range of countries, CBD is a term that is popping up at an outstanding rate. If you’re curious about what CBD is, don’t be. We’ll answer all of your top questions with this essential guide covering what is CBD and how exactly is it turned into a product ready for consumers.

What is CBD:

Cannabidiol (more commonly known as CBD) is an active ingredient found in the cannabis plant. It is a non-psychoactive component, whereas THC, the other well-known active compound of cannabis, is psychoactive. Because of that, CBD has no addictive elements. Most of the time, CBD is extracted from cannabis in the form of oil. After the CBD compound has been extracted from the cannabis plant, it is able to be infused into a variety of products, including CBD oil and CBD skincare, among others. Many different online CBD stores and marketplaces exist to provide products to users throughout countless different areas and locations. For customers looking to buy CBD oil online, there are many premium CBD shops with a large selection of items.

CBD available for commercial use must be extracted from a cultivated strain of the hemp plant. These cultivated strains have higher percentages of CBD and lower rates of THC. CBD can be extracted in multiple ways, including:

  • CO2 Extraction: In order to remove the CBD from the cannabis plant, carbon dioxide is used. The plant is placed in a chamber which is then pumped with CO2. High pressure is applied, which turns the CO@ into a liquid that absorbs the hemp’s oil. The CO2 is then filtered out of the solution in a separate chamber, leaving only the CBD behind.
  • Alcohol Extraction: A simple extraction method, liquid alcohol solvents are used to strip the CBD from the plant. It is believed that this form of extraction keeps the natural properties of CBD more intact.

Following extraction, the filtered CBD must go through another refinement and distillation process to ensure that the oil is pure. Products intended for commercial usage should undergo testing in order to guarantee high-quality CBD.

In addition to commercial usage of CBD, researchers are still currently studying the effects that CBD can have on the human body. Conclusive results have not yet been determined; however, more research is continuously being done to see if there is truth behind CBD’s reputed benefits.

Where To Shop:

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