Use the Qanoid CBD Calculator to Calculate CBD Dosage Using Your Weight

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CBD oil is gaining more and more popularity in Europe, the super-trend from the US is simply unstoppable – and for many excellent reasons!

Since you found this article and this amazing calculator you probably already know a lot about CBD and what it has to offer so we will not go into detail right now but if you are interested in reading more about CBD you can always check out our blog.

So now you have found Qanoid and purchased a Premium CBD Oil and you might be asking yourself – now what?

Moving forward with this blogpost we are going into detail regarding CBD dosage and how dosage varies depending on factors such as weight and age, the type and potency of the oil that you are using and more.

You will learn how to find the best dose for you and to make this a piece of cake we have created this amazing CBD oil dosage calculator which gives you an estimate based on the factors mentioned above considering the specific strength and oil that you have purchased.

The ‘Normal’ Dose of CBD

There are a lot of different factors to what constitutes a normal dose for a specific person but generally speaking a ‘normal’ dose is roughly around 20 – 40 mg CBD.

You will get a different answer depending on who you are asking as doses can vary from 1mg CBD per dose (which is considered very low) up to 100mg CBD per dose (which is considered quite high) and it is not uncommon for two people with the same weight to have different responses to the same dose of CBD.

There are many different factors that comes into play when trying to determine your ideal CBD dosage including:

  • Your size and weight
  • The reason as to why you are using CBD
  • Any potential tolerance to CBD due to previous usage
  • The specific way your body are wired
  • The concentration of the CBD oil or other CBD products you’re using

It is definitively not easy to figure out the perfect dose of CBD given the factor above. Fortunately, there is an easier way:

Simply start with a very low dose (around 5mg) and wait to see how your body reacts. After that it is recommended to increase by 2-5 mg per dose until you find a level that I good for you.

Using Your Weight to Calculate the Dose of CBD

Naturally there are ways to guide you to a reasonable estimate of the amount of CBD that suits you without having to take for example your individual metabolism into account. In general, your weight can be a good way to get an approximate of how much CBD you should use each time.

Having that said it is always recommended to try a very low dose first if it is your first-time using CBD and work your way up. If you ever experience any unwanted effects, you have most likely used to much and you should go back to the latest amount that didn’t give you these effects.

We have created this CBD dosage calculator to help guide you to the correct amount of CBD that you should use. But please note that these are rough estimates and should not in any way be used to replace any professional advice.

Using Weight and Strength to calculate the dose of CBD

  • Low strength → 2 mg per 10 kg
  • Medium strength → 7 mg per 10 kg
  • High strength → 13 mg per 10 kg

Please note that the measurement refers to the amount active CBD in your product and not the total weight of the product itself so always take the concentration of CBD into account when using the calculations above and not the total product’s weight.




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