CBD oil and other CBD products are now enjoying increasing popularity in Switzerland and Europe. Unfortunately, CBD is still often confused with THC.


What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol and is one of the main active ingredients of the cannabis plant, which, unlike the active ingredient THC, is not intoxicating, but rather relaxing.

CBD is non-psychoactive, non-addictive, and is being researched for its therapeutic effects.

Understanding European CBD Laws

Before we get into EU CBD laws, we need to turn our attention to the World Health Organization.

One of the big cases and events in the world of legal cannabis has to do with an upcoming cannabis planning vote based on WHO (World Health Organization) recommendations.

There are a few recommendations that address a wide variety of cannabis topics, some of which are the most important, such as Annex I to the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, which addresses the topic of cannabis and the establishment of an alternative in the texts by the notion of simple THC instead, and completely remove CBD, or even THC, from the Convention on Psychotropic Substances.

It is also recommended to look at cannabinoids individually and study CBD separately from the rest of the plant, and without conflating non-psychoactive cannabinoids with psychoactive cannabinoids.

The recommendations should already be put to a vote, but due to various issues, this has been postponed a few times, with the current date being December.

Meanwhile, member countries of Europe will be asked to better understand the recommendations and their implications before voting.

What Are The Benefits Of Buying CBD Online?

It is true that in recent years, many CBD shops have started to emerge in the largest cities near you. However, these resellers are not all experts. Thus, we believe that by providing you with this guide and offering you quality expertise, you will enjoy better cannabidiol-based products on the internet. So what are the advantages of buying cannabidiol on the net?

  • Free: the advantage of online stores is that they offer you no limits. At any time and in the quantities you want, you are free to buy your CBD as you see fit.
  • Discreet: you are free to choose and you are not obliged to disclose your potential reasons to anyone. Online Premium CBD shops only need your contact details to send you your product.
  • Safe: yes, because if you follow our advice and our reviews, you will learn that we only provide you with online stores where safety is essential. We test the transaction and delivery system for you.

Benefits of buying CBD online in Europe

  • Companies ship CBD to your address
  • Wide range of high-quality products
  • CBD is cheaper than in local stores
  • Online retailers pay attention to manufacturing conditions
  • CBD in retail is more expensive than in online stores
  • Local stores have limited opening hours…not online CBD oil shops

Europe has a well-developed CBD market where you can buy thousands of CBD products from local stores and online.

Unlike South America, Australia, and Asia, the medical cannabis system in Europe is not so restrictive. As a patient, you can get CBD on prescription without signing up for special cannabis programs.

Make sure you know the laws in your country before buying CBD and then you can order the best CBD online from sites such as Justbob.ch, for example.

10 criteria for choosing the best online CBD oil shop/site to buy premium CBD in Europe

There are many websites offering to buy cannabidiol. However, these online CBD oil shop sellers are not all serious and you can quickly come across a scam. Our editors and contributors analyze very specific criteria to find the best online CBD oil shop in Europe, and we advise you to do the same before choosing a CBD site:

  1. Validation of CBD products in independent laboratories
    It is sometimes difficult to judge the quality of a cannabidiol-based product, unless you follow consumer recommendations, or test for yourself. Nevertheless, the tests carried out by independent laboratories remain a good indicator. Indeed, brands must make these certificates of analysis available on their website and on their product sheets.
  2. Certification of CBD products from a legal point of view
    In addition, the analysis carried out in the laboratory allows you to know more about the cannabinoid concentrations of a product. It is then essential to see if the article of your choice contains a THC level (or other) that falls within the legal regulations of your country. Only these third-party and certified laboratory tests can validate the concentrations of a CBD product
  3. The transparency of the shop on the manufacturing methods
    Also, we advise you to read the descriptive sheets of the products in order to learn more about the manufacturing methods and the production process. This will allow you to know the means of extraction of the molecule used, as well as the varieties of hemp from which the CBD comes. This is what will tell you the natural, or organic, character of a CBD-based item
  4. Diversity in CBD product lines
    We particularly value diversity. That’s why we care about having a choice when visiting an online CBD oil shop. Both to save time and to meet different needs or desires, an online CBD oil shop that offers several product lines will always be more popular with its customers. Nevertheless, a brand presenting only one range of products takes particular care in its manufacture to obtain an even more optimal quality.
  5. Customer reviews and comments
    The opinion of consumers and former customers is essential. They are the ones that allow you to learn more about a brand. By sharing their felt effects, or their experience with the online CBD oil shop, past customers give you a good insight into what you can expect from a CBD site.
  6. The delivery times of your CBD
    This selection criterion often appears in the comments left by consumers. In addition to the discretion of the package and the choice of carrier, a good CBD shop must respect very short delivery times. Generally, it takes more or less 5 or 7 working days to receive your order. However, some sites offer 24-hour deliveries by courier or pick-up point, and even “click and collect”. These are undeniable advantages.
  7. Price range and promotions
    CBD is expensive. And this, in particular, is because of the difficulty of its extraction and the technical means used, in addition to the complexity of the culture of hemp. It is, therefore, possible to compare prices between different CBD sites. For example, we offer comparative price tables for each type of product. In addition, do not hesitate to use promotional codes to reduce the amount of your order and buy cheap CBD.
  8. Professional customer service
    Whether in an after-sales service situation or simply when you want to obtain additional information, the customer support of an online store must be exemplary. This point often comes out in positive consumer reviews and defines the seriousness and reliability of an online CBD site.
  9. Site security and shop ergonomics
    A good CBD site must also be 100% secure. Like all online stores, you can read the legal notices, and analyze payment methods, and GDPR information. The site must also have the HTTPS protocol in its address and a green padlock when ordering. In addition, the good ergonomics of the purchasing platform always allow a better experience for the customer.
  10. General conditions of sale
    When choosing your CBD store and placing your order, remember to read the general conditions of sale carefully. These define the operation of the shop. For example, you will obtain the terms of refunds according to the different situations, as well as information on the return of products. You can also get details on the terms of use of a particular promo code or the payment method. In short, a good CBD site should give you this information.

In summary: what is a good reliable CBD site?

The best reliable online CBD oil shop must therefore give you the opportunity to buy different types of products, legal and certified in terms of their quality by third-party laboratories. A trusted brand offers you detailed product sheets that indicate the source, culture, and manufacturing methods of the CBD item. Finally, buying cannabidiol online must be facilitated thanks to the services offered by the store in terms of payments, deliveries, customer service, and user experience.


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